Saluda a la RustFest LATAM!

Thank you for joining us for RustFest LATAM

As a special gift both the Rust in Arts and RustFest LATAM talk replays are available on the live stream page for everyone until March 6!


RustFest LATAM is on! 🦀 With just 5 days to go we keep it brief: RustFest LATAM is happening this Saturday, February 26th. We will be… 21 Feb 2022 RustFest LATAM & EMEA are on! 🦀 We’re back! With a full month of 2022 already behind us, we’re ready to focus on bringing you 2 more RustFest… 02 Feb 2022 Rust in Arts Retro & future editions in 2022 Past edition: Rust in Arts 🎨🎮… 02 Dec 2021


Special Thanks

Thank you to all the kind supporters of The RustFest Project!