RustFest Global 2021 Editions

This year's RustFest Global consists of multiple shorter events organized by their own respective teams. Some of these "editions" are organized by a team in a certain location and cover a given geographic area or time zone, while others are organized around a certain topic or other guiding area by their respective teams.

Here are the events of the 2021 Fall Season of RustFest Global:

RustFest Global 2021 Rust in Arts Edition

November 20th 2021

Rust in Arts highlights artists and their works at the intersection of low-level programming and art. Digital art often requires a surprising amount of in-depth technical knowledge, and we want to use this event to marvel at the creations and celebrate the solutions that artists have come up with. Video games, pen plotting, graphics programming, projection mapping and everything at systems level? This is the event for you!

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RustFest Global 2021 APAC Edition

Regretfully, this year's RustFest Global APAC Edition has been cancelled.
We are looking forward to bringing you all an APAC Edition in the upcoming season.
For more details, please check out the blogpost.

The Asia-Pacific region hosts billions of people, thousands of cultures, and even a few Rustaceans. A few of us have decided to bring you an edition of RustFest Global in December! The APAC edition aims to be a celebration of activity, a learning experience and a chance for the Rust communities in Asia and the Pacific to learn from each other.

RustFest Global 2021 LATAM Edition

February 26, 2022

The LATAM edition aims to bring together the Rust communities across Latin America and give them a chance to learn from and with each other.

RustFest Global 2021 EMEA Edition

April 23, 2022

The EMEA Edition will be a collaboration between organizers in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. Submit a talk now!