Piecing together Rust: It is more than just writing code


Let’s start with a fact that we all know, Learning new things is hard. It moves you out of your comfort zone, bombarding you with a lot of new concepts at a time, and thus throwing your imposter syndrome out the roof.

This talk aims to cover important, widely-used concepts and tools needed to get started with Rust. This covers what (definitions, usage), why (concepts), and how (internal working, integrations) of these tools along with pointers of resources to learn more. This way, the getting started problem can be fixed, allowing beginners to feel comfortable in learning more.

Presented by

  • Tarun Pothulapati Tarun Pothulapati

    Tarun Pothulapati is an Engineer at Buoyant working on Linkerd, An Open Source, CNCF Incubated Service Mesh project. He also spends his time contributing to other OSS projects like Service Mesh Interface (SMI), etc. Recently, He has been very interested in Rust and Networking. He has been trying to not only work on fun projects but also contributes to OSS like tracing, etc in the Rust ecosystem.