Architect a High-performance SQL Query Engine in Rust


Database related areas are usually testbeds of system languages. However, Rust language has not yet shown its unique power in these areas. In this talk, a high-performance open source SQL query engine written in Rust language and its friend C from scratch is introduced. The architecting and engineering are presented in the context of Rust. A preliminary state-of-the-art achievement is demonstrated as that the new query engine can do the same sum aggregation in 6 times faster than that of ClickHouse which is a popular opensource OLAP database written in C++.

Presented by

  • Jin Mingjian Jin Mingjian

    High performance expert with long-term, systematic thinkings about language and bigdata infrastructure, the creator of TensorBase which is a modern engineering effort in Rust language for building a high performance and cost-effective bigdata warehouse.