Project Necromancy: How to Revive a Dead Rust Project


How do you plan an effective refactor? How do you know if the changes you’re introducing won’t just introduce new problems? The answer isn’t so simple because every project is different.

This talk identifies approaches that have been helpful when refactoring a game made with the Amethyst game engine. It looks at having a beginner’s mindset that allows developers to take a step back and re-examine the fundamentals of entity, component, system (ECS). It also explores other approaches outside of the code that can help with guiding a refactor.

Presented by

  • Micah Micah

    Micah is a software engineer. She is interested in learning about Rust and game development.

  • Carlo Supina Carlo Supina

    I am a welder who also runs an electronics and programming education company, In my free time, I have been learning Rust through working on space_shooter_rs, a space shooter game made with the Amethyst game engine.