Learning Rust with Humility and in Three Steps.


Rust has a reputation for being hard to learn. As a relative newcomer to Rust, I found this only partially true. Rust is not so much a hard language, as it is a large and powerful language.

It can be tempting to start using the most advanced Rust features and crates right away, only to get overwhelmed by these powerful features. In this talk, I will give some hints on how to learn Rust with humility. I will also present an idea on how to structure learning along three steps: 1) What to do, 2) Why do it like this, 3) How to do it better.

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  • Stefan Baerisch Stefan Baerisch

    I am a freelance software engineer and project manager with an interest in simple, working software. I like to address challenges with a diverse set of methods and with the best tools for the job. I like Rust because it hits a sweet spot in terms of performance, safety, and language ergonomics.