Creating interactive digital art with ossia score and libossia


This talk will give a tour of the free and open-source digital art software suite developed by

ossia score, the intermedia sequencer, allows to score audio, video, network messages, and multiple programming languages in a cross-platform visual timeline built for specifying interactivity in a way that is relevant to interactive art and performance, installation art, live shows, live-patching / coding and VJ: for instance, it allows non-programmers to write a score that says: "play a sound until a dancer walks in the center of the stage, then fade in a video whose color saturation depends on the volume of the microphone input".

libossia allows to bind many creative coding software and hardware together through communication protocols commonplace in creative systems: OSC, OSCQuery, MIDI, ArtNet ; it has bindings to many common creative coding environments, such as Processing, OpenFrameworks, PureData or Max/MSP, a primitive Rust binding, etc. It does so by proposing a shared network object model originally based on OSC semantics.

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  • Jean-Michaël Celerier Jean-Michaël Celerier

    Jean-Michaël Celerier, born in France in 1992, is a freelance researcher, interested in art, code, computer music and interactive show control. He studied software engineering, computer science & multimedia technologies at Bordeaux, and obtained his doctorate on the topic of authoring temporal media in 2018. He develops and maintains a range of free & open-source software used for creative coding, digital and intermedia art, which he leverages in various installations and works; in particular, most of his work is centered on the ossia platform for which he is the main developer. He enjoys organizing events centered on programming and media art - most recently the Linux Audio Conference, and a C++ meetup in Bordeaux. He teaches all sorts of creative coding languages (PureData, Processing, OpenFrameworks, etc) to both computer science and graphics design students.

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