Nightgraph: Putting Code to Paper with Rust


As a digital artist yearning for physicality, I naturally became interest in pen plotters. As a rustacean, I naturally wished to use Rust with my art. Over the past year, as my art has evolved, so have the tools I desire to make it with, and Rust was a crucial part in building nightgraph, the creative coding environment I've built to assist me.

Between procedural macros, derive attributes, wasm-bindings, Rust provides many mechanisms to build systems that are ready for creativity when it sparks, and nightgraph strives to provide an interactive system for experimentation and generation of idea with minimal boiler-plate.

This talk walk through some of the inspiration behind nightgraph, the procedural macros behind its functionality, and the design patterns used to be as flexible as my ideas might be.

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  • Kyle Kneitinger Kyle Kneitinger

    Kyle Kneitinger (he/they) is an artist, woodworker, and software engineer living in Portland, OR, USA with Square Bear the dog, and 2.5 wonderful housemates! You can see Kyle's art on Instagram at @night_generator.

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