Art performance: the_emergent / Music for computer & voice


the_emergent is a singer, composer, tinkerer & multicurious musician currently based in the Black Forest. Their electronic work is an exploration of the intersection of programming, sound design and music. This three-part performance is made with SuperCollider, a sound-focused programming language.

Part I, "Monologue", uses field recording, samples of a rattle and a frame drum to create atmosphere, as well as routing microphone input through a buffer that is constantly being overdubbed and generous reverb. Spoken word becomes yet another layer of noise.

Part II, "A Prayer", uses pitch-shifting to make a harmonization for the voice input. Different elements of the piece are triggered on the fly with a custom touch interface on a tablet using Open Sound Control. The Old Norse lyrics are an excerpt from the Sigrdrífumál, a text from the Poetic Edda.

Part III, "Mesopelagial", is a long, relaxed ambient journey based entirely on sine waves: chords of them meandering around the stereo field, others modulating each other to create bell-like sounds, and tiny particles that sparkle in the upper part of the spectrum via granular synthesis.


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    Mezzosoprano, music theorist, nerd of may trades; multi-curious composer.

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