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Art is a search process. When we create something, we mentally navigate a space of possibilities, searching for an artistic solution to evoking a desired sensation. The choice of the creative instrument is important, and code is a particularly fascinating one: it invites to convey not just the destination of the process, but the author's workflow - the search itself.

In this talk, I would like to walk you through an example, a computational drawing algorithm which is designed to imitate the process of traditional painting from reference by exploring the space via Markov Chain Monte Carlo. I will cover both the implementation details of the algorithm as well as the design process of translating artistic intent into code.

I hope to inspire fellow Rustaceans by illustrating parallels between traditional art and programming. And by sharing my experience, I also aim to encourage artists to use Rust, and show how it can accelerate their workflow.

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  • Anastasia Opara Anastasia Opara

    Anastasia is a Procedural Artist at Embark Studios. She comes from a family of artists, and studied graphic design and 3D visual arts. She then discovered the power of programing, math and statistics, inspiring her to capture artistic processes into algorithms. Anastasia still thinks of herself as an artist, but her brushes are mostly code nowadays. Anastasia is on a mission to blur the line between algorithmic and art languages, and enable more people to express themselves in digital media.