Everything is serialization


Serialization pervades programming. Whether you are writing JSON, Tree-Buf, repr(C), or even x86 assembly, the result of your program is always serialized binary. By thinking about serialization actively, we can write faster, more straightforward programs.

We will talk a lot about trade-offs. We will delve into information theory and compression. At every step, we will show how Rust gives you complete control over the process.

Finally, we’ll build upon this knowledge to understand the design of Tree-Buf: a Rust serialization library for real-world data sets.

Presented by

  • Zac Burns Zac Burns

    Zac Burns (That3Percent) is the author of Tree-Buf - a fast and highly compressed serialization format for data sets.

    Zac loves Rust because it has the tools to solve real and fundamental problems that he comes across in day-to-day programming.